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About Investment

Investments have been divided in to three groups. These are: stocks, bonds and cash investments. These types look very simple but the fact is they are very complex. Each type of investment has been further divided into many categories.

The complexity makes it difficult to be understood by the lay man. The stock market is a terrifying place for those who have less or no information about investments. Fortunately, one needs to understand only that type of information which is directly related to their investing criteria.

Investors are of three types based on their investing criteria and risk taking abilities. These are conservative, moderate and aggressive. The two different types of risk tolerance levels are: low and high risk.

Conservative investors are low risk investors who invest their money in form of cash in the money market accounts, interest bearing saving accounts, US treasury bills, mutual funds or deposits Certificates. Their money grows over a period of time very safely.

Moderate investors are one who invests their money in form of cash, bonds or dabble in stock market. They tolerate the low to moderate risk and also invest in the real estate who which involve low risk for them.

While the third type is: aggressive investors. They usually invest in the stock market and tolerate the high risk. They also make investments in the business ventures.

For example they may buy the old building and invest more in its renovation and takes risk in old properties. They may also rent apartments more than the actual worth of the apartment again at the higher risk levels. This risk taking do not works for everyone.

So before investing in the stock market one must learn about different types of investments and there mechanism. One must understand the level of risk associated with investment and must looks to the past trends. As the famous proverbs says: history repeats itself. This can also be valid in stock market.