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Selecting A Broker

Brokers plays an important role in helping an investor dealing with its stock exchange investment. They are the employees of the brokerage houses and have the full knowledge of when and where to buy and sell stocks on the stock exchange.

If  you don't have a broker then it will be hard for you to sell and buy your stocks. So he is important for an investor.

Education in any field is very important , same as in stock exchange business the broker needs have the full knowledge about this business. He has to clear up two very important tests to get his licence.

These tests are quite tuff but they have to be given but most brokers do have a education back background in finance or business with the degrees on them.

Now there is a difference between a stock broker and a stock analyst which is important to know if you are an investor. The role of the analyst is to give you information  about how the stocks will execute and it's also gives you the prediction of the stocks. But the broker is actually your employee that acts according to your orders. he is just there to buy and sell stocks for you.

The way broker makes their money is by having the commission on every sale made. when they buy or sell a stock for you they earn certain percentage on every sale made. some brokers have a set percentage fee.

Choosing a broker depends on the choice of the investor. As the brokers are of two types , first is called service broker and the second one is called discount broker. 

The service brokers offers more services and investments. They also provide with the suggestions in how to and when to invest. They get paid through the commission they get on every sale. The discount  brokers are the ones who don't offer and advice and do not do any research. They only follow your instructions  and only stick to what have to do. So it's a decision that you have to make to go for the one that suits you.

These brokers can be chosen depending on what exactly you need from them and what service can they provide you. If you are new to this business and doesn't have that much of awareness then it's better to go for a full service broker. He can help you in getting started on the right track and offer his experience and advice. but if you are aware of the prospects involves in this business and have experience then all you need is a discount broker.