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The Importance of Making A Budget

Keeping track of the money where you spend is very important. People do have this misconception that they believe they know where they spend money and have the full track of it. But you can't have a full track of your finances unless you write them down.

There are tiny little things that we spend the money without realizing that is unnecessary. Because of keeping no record about it we lose track and keep on spending without realizing.

But if we consider that even though this spend seems like to be a very small proportion of our daily expenses but when you add up on these small items on the monthly biases  you will be surprise that how much you end up spending without realizing.

Then you can see that how much would you spend on a yearly basis or on a five year basis, you will realize that this is how much you could have actually safe if just had the awareness that where and how much you are spending. This is why we need to have a plan to spend money and this is what you calling having a budget.

Just by keeping the track of your little and unnecessary expenses and then to have control on them can save you lots of money and you can even fulfill your long term goals by having sure you have enough finance to achieve it. 

We can take one example to see how and where we can cut down on our budget and still achieve what we want. Let’s say if you buy lunch daily and you buy it for five dollar a day. Just by saving a 2 dollar on your lunch you can actually end up saving a lot.

You will save 10 dollars in a week and then eventually you will safe forty dollars a month and then by saving to almost $ 480 a year and then end up saving $2400 in five years. So we consider this a big saving in a long term.

Your long term and short term goals are depend on your finances and finances depends on how much you can save buy planning the right budget.

By saving on a lunch was just a small example, but there are more areas where you improvise and save a lot of money. The goals that you set for long and short term drives you towards saving.

If you have goals like buying a house, or pay your kids tuition fees or buying a car or even going for a holiday, I believe that the time where you can start planning for these goals and start saving for them.

If you think your goals are important for you then this has to be your choice in looking forward by saving, because every penny you save will add up towards fulfilling your goals. So cut on unnecessary things and save and look forward towards a better future.