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Disciplined Environment In After School Activities

Children are sent in the programs which are usually for the recreations and learning. But does it necessary to follow the discipline in such recreational activities?

The answer is yes, because children do whatever they learn from their environment. So there should be properly disciplined environment to be followed. It will give an additional knowledge about maintaining the discipline in their daily life.
Every activity must have some rules and regulations to be followed. The management keep an eye on children’s behavior and must address misbehavior shown by any child.

Misbehavior must be dealt in a manner that will cause the least disruption. Once the misbehavior is neglected, all children will start doing that. So it is better to stop it and keep the children with in the boundaries of disciplines and rules, as set by the management.

If this would not be done than it would become rather impossible to stop every child at the end.

Usually children misbehave because they want extra attention on them.

Try to talk with the child and figure it out, what is his/her want and the facilitator must fulfill correct the demand of that child. If the child’s attitude is just because of his bad behavior, take strict actions to stop him/her.