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Different Categories of After School Programs

With the growing child you have to put his/her desires on the right track. If the child is too much restless and even making your life restless from their untiring wish list, the time is to find out the after school program for him/her.

These programs have been divided in to three categories. These are:

1.    Educational program
2.    Recreational program
3.    Society oriented programs.

Society oriented programs usually come in to the consideration, when child is mature enough and demanding. If he/she is interested in doing such activities make them enrolled.

1.    Educational programs:

Educational activities are targeting the memory of your children. They further provide knowledge to your children and also teach them techniques that will beneficial for improving their memory. Intensive memory training and speed mathematics programs are examples of educational programs.

Also the academic programs like helping the child in doing homework and also giving them additional on particular subject is part of educational programs. These programs are better over the games, fun and also satisfy the parents by providing the child extra knowledge and helping them in finishing the homework assigned.

2.    Recreation programs:

These activities include the games and sports, painting and fine arts etc. the target of these activities is to refresh the mind of the child and make them enjoy the world. Competitions, sports event and stage performances are arranged to motivate the child. Of course as the child go in the higher classes, the curricular becomes difficult for them.

If we compare the above two mentioned programs, the recreational programs are more beneficial. The first benefit with the recreational activities is, they are not like the educational one who targets to give the child knowledge in the same atmosphere from where he/he has come.

They are not also boring like education programs. Further more they offer must interesting programs that are orthodox. It gives them more to do and to get their mind out from frustration.

Recreational activities also provide an option to get away from the learning and boredom. They make use of child’s mental and physical abilities and make them feel pleasant and delightful. Through performing group activities, child learns the social skills, patience and discipline.

Children need some time in utilizing their physical abilities. That is why these activities provide them opportunity and release their mental pressure caused because of overburden of studies. These children have shown better results in their academic work.

But make sure that whatever the program you have chosen, your children is attaining knowledge from it. If he/she is not getting something out of it shift them to other options. Child must also be given freedom to select his/her desired activity when he/she wants to change the current program. Usually the beneficial program is amalgamation of both the recreational and the educational programs. By this way the child learn and play at the same time.