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Determine Your Risk Taking Ability

A broker know where and when to invest in a stock market. For someone who is investing for the first time it's better to take help from a broker because he can judge your risk taking ability and then also make you aware about what is your risk taking ability is. It is there job to find investments for you is under your risk forbearance.
In order to find out how much someone is willing to take a risk involves following steps. First is to figure out how much money are you willing to invest and what kind of a goal are you aiming to achieve.

If you are in an age where you  might feel you will retire in 10 years time and at the same time you haven't saved any money then what's better for you is to take high risk tolerance, for that you have to do some risky and heavy investment to fulfil your goals before you retire.

But on the opposite side if  you are young and if you are planning to safe for your retirement age then the best thing for you is to take a low risk tolerance in order to achieve your goals. Even though the growth of the money will be slow but at least it will be coming and there will be less risk involved.

Risk depends on your circumstances and not how you feel about risk. There are lots of things to understand in order to determine your risk taking ability.

Let's take an example of a stock exchange market . How would you react if you have done an investment in it. and you keep an eye on the stocks position every day and realized that the price of the stock has gone down. So would you react in this situation.

If you have a low risk tolerance then you choice would be to sell the stocks but if you have a high level tolerance then you would keep the stocks and wait to see where it takes you. so your tolerance depends on your feelings for your money.

Your financial goals determines your risk taking ability and also how you feel about your money . But the best thing is again if you want to invest then its essential to get help from a stock broker or from a financial planner.