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After School Programs At Home

What will you do if the school of your child does not offer any extracurricular activities? Are you worried that your child will be deprived from attaining extra knowledge and fun unlike other children?
After school activities must be given in an environment which is just like school. Professional teachers in an organized and structured setting should be the part of atmosphere.

You can also work for the child’s physical, academic and social development by planning for them some activities at home rather then sending them to the school in their busy schedule.

The first priority is no doubt the school and homework. The children have to go to the school and then have to finish their homework. After that they must be enrolled for reading and writing work, it will take 1 to 2 hours a day.

If your child has developed some academic interest, enrolled him/her in it and motivate them in performing that activities. This is the age of internet, let your child to surf on internet and find out the in depth knowledge. For this the children do not require to get enrolled in any formal program.

If you are afraid that your child will be away from the social life, then enroll him/her in the club. You can take your child to the libraries or theaters if he/she has interest in it. It is not necessary to make friends of same age. 

You can take the child to the parent-child book club; there he/she will find opportunity to get mingled with other parents and children. If you have that eager to make the child learn with the fun, you can begin the after school program yourself.

When there are no structured activities, you can go for the community service. Children love to serve for the society and love to solve social problems. They gather funds, do charity and help the community. The cleaning up session of park will be eye opening for the child and will teach him/her priceless lesson.

If you feel that your child must encounter with the physical activities, you can enrolled them in the dancing class or may be the gym. They can find new friends there.

You can make your child to perform different recreational programs without letting them enrolled in the structured after school program. You can ask them to participate in the different household activities like cleaning; cooking etc. this will let your child to spend more time with family and keep him/her away from criminal acts.