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After School Program For The ADHD Victims

Attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder AFHD is a disorder in the children who have attention deficiency are they remain too much busy in activities.

Parents could not give them time because of their tight schedule and they feel deprived and also their minds are sick from performing the same work again and again.

So keeping such children at the after school programs is nearly impossible.
First of all you should try to find out that how much your child has tendency towards ADHD. Try to find out the interest of your child.

Find out that what things are depressing him/her. Are he/she afraid from the competitive environment and face problem to get mingle along with others?

If your child has ADH, then in such case physical activities are valuable. Exercise will utilize the energy and also stimulates his/her brain. In order to teach him/her social skills and disciplines, ask them to work in group.

But, if he/she is too much shy, than find out individual activities like cycling, gymnastic, dancing or swimming. Martial arts would also be beneficial, it will not only teach him/her techniques for the self-defense but also make him/her calm, self controlling and patience.

If your children do not want to be enrolled in the sport based activities and shows interest in the fine arts, than go for it. It will also be better in making the mind exercise. Acting classes will make your child more social and confident. Dancing and music will keep him/her bus and also entertained him/her.

If the child will show no interest in such activities than you may register their name in boy scouts or girl guides or other community based activities. You may ask them to pick the garbage from the parks and make the city clean, help old person in old age homes. This might create the interest of child.

Whatsoever the activity you have selected for the child, you must evaluate the child’s progress by doing that tasks. If there is no progress, change the activity. Also you can interact with the coach or teacher to ask about the development of the child and do anything that will boost up his/her morale and self-esteem.

Some activities are harmful for ADHD victims. Computers and video games are one of them. They let the child to play the game in the isolation and will not let him understand the difference between good and bad. It also checks the patience of the child for long time when he/she has to wait for his/her turn. But do not have any benefit.

Also you want your child with the world and want them to be social. Find out that after school activities that will fulfill their wants and desires. Activities must be interesting for them and must be challenging as well.