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Keep Wisely in Spending Money

The world is changing and so the prices of the products. Its changing at a very high pace that what we pay at  the time we go for a shopping trip and buy something, we pay a different price when the next time we go shopping. It goes up little by little but it is going up and at a very high pace.

When the prices goes up extremely it creates a setback in the world economy and it interrupts the world market. As we can see the prices of the gasoline increases when the situation changes in the world, when there are problems around its prices shoots up.

This problems effect lots of people, especially for those who lives on a tight budget and doesn't have the ability to overcome the increase in prices. But there is way where we can make your selves more prepare for any financial setback when we have a situation of prices increasing at rapid pace and that solution is buy the items of everyday use in bulk.

The items that we know is a part of our routine, and then not just buying them in bulk but also finding a place where we can get the best possible price for it. The things that we know will not go bad or will be in good condition even if we buy them in large quantity as it will if it stays in a shop or a grocery store.

The idea is to buy items of everyday use in bulk to save money and also even if the prices increases  we still have enough stick to cover us at least for some time without effecting our finances.

This can be illustrated by an example of cat and dog food items. When we buy these items in bulk or as a whole case it appears to cost us cheaper than if we but it as a single can. It can go up to as cheap as 10% of the actual price. And usually when it's a closing down sale you get these items for even cheaper prices, thus you end up saving lots on these items.

Now for some times of the everyday we need to store them in a secure place away from crawling animals and insects like rats. The items like grains and or products relating to it need to be contained in a secure container.

It's important to make the list of the things that we believe are important in everyday use especially the items related to bathroom , the stuff that come in dry condition and as well stuff that we can buy in cans. As these items got go bad so it can be stored for a longer period of time but it's important to buy these things we set out a place where we can find the best prices for these items. As buying in bulk will save money.

The Budget Savvy Lesson Plan 

For example if we buy a bag of rice  that weighs 20 pounds will be bought cheaper if you buy rice that is equal lent to one pound, but it's important to keep these items in a safe place away from insects. It will be a shock for you when you will realize how much money you save at the end of the month.

Most of the clothing items related to men like socks and underwear can be bought in bulk as these items style doest change. The items related to woman and children, especially there cloths should be strictly kept under control as this is the area where we can lose control and spend lots of money.

So it's important to keep the budget intact and save the items on every day use by keeping the supply for at least 2 years and you will end up saving lots and lots of money.

Getting Discount : Reward or Rip Off?

In past few years there is one thing that has been significantly becoming more and more common and is becoming as a trend is a rebate or a discount on different products, especially electronic and computer related products. The range of rebates on the products from $20 to $100 are usually very common.

This has been noticed when companies do their rebate campaign, people end up paying nothing for the products after getting rebate on them. This seems a bit too tricky to accept or can this be a deal too good to be missed.

The truth is that there are companies operating in the market that are doing business with honesty but there are companies which have no record and are just operating to get money from the customers, but if are vigilant and more cautious against the policies that trap a customer then we can end up getting good value for money.

The method that how companies give rebate on their products is that first we have to buy the product at the actual price and then we have to fill up a form which has your product details and a bar code and then we mail it to the company. This process takes time but  after few weeks company sends us the amount that has been promised to be refunded .

Rule #1.Rebates offered from the big and respected companies can be trusted.

The companies which has made their name in the market and their products which customers trust are the companies which we believed to be the best in keeping their promise. The companies like Best Buy, Amazon or Dell are the companies which we can trust that we will get our rebate as promised at the purchase. the companies which is never been in the market or which is never been heard are least likely to keep their promise.
We shouldn't be completely depending on the rebate as we can never be sure of it, if we like the product and if it's our need and if we can pay the actual amount of the product then we should just but it.

Rule#2.Always be aware of rebates termination date.

There are times when people are not aware when they buy the product that the offer date for the rebate has ended its because the sellers leave the products on their shelves even after the offer ends for the rebate on the product. 

Rule#3.Its important to collect all the necessary documents and the forms to be send at the time of rebate collected from the store after the purchase before you leave the store.

In order to get the rebate on the product it important that before leaving the store the few things must be collected  that is a form , a barcode and receipt. Without these three things the process of rebate might not be possible.

Rule#4. Claim should be kept safe.

The standard of mail service is dropping day by day and the items do get lost in the mail most of the times. So to avoid any hassles if the item get lost in the post its important to make copies of the documents including the form , barcode and receipt and if the rebate is worth $50 or more it's important to make the copies and to se safe than sorry.

Discount Travel Handbook: Save Money on Every Vacation or Business Trip You Take 

Avoiding Overspending

Answer these questions truthfully:

1. Are you been criticized by your spouse or partner for spending too much money?

2. Do you get in shock when you see high bills then expected when arrives at home?

3. Is your wardrobe full of excess cloths and shoes that you have ever worn?

4. Do you buy every new device before it even comes into the market?

5. Do you shop things when you see them on display even though you don't want them in the first place?
    If you believe you fall in any of the two questions above  mentioned then you spend money unnecessary  and should take retail rehabilitation overspending is a sure way to get in debt. Budgeting, saving, and investing are not part of their plan. The spending is such a problem that it gets in the way of saving for lots of critical matters in life such as buying a new house or a new car or have a vacation or even for retirement.

    There should be some set boundaries in order to manage the spending. it's important to spend where it's more important rather than having no control on it and spending it unnecessary effecting the future.

    Overspending is a big problem and it leaves problems in your life, especially when it comes to sort out the financial problems and also creates tensions among the family. it's important to differentiate between you really need and what is just a desire but not something that is needed  to live.

    Life is meant to be lived, not survived. Treat yourself to some wants along the way, but do so when you can afford to, and enjoy those wants as the extras that they are.

    Now a days we see companies has surrounded us by their advertisements. this is their strategy so that all we think about is buying their products with considering our financial situation. The best solution to get out of this problem is to ask yourself and think if you really need the product and allow yourself some time.

    It's always important to know what you want to buy but if you face this problem it's better to leave the house making a shopping list and carry the exact amount and that you would need interim of buying what you really need. is good to leave any credit card or extra cash at home as it will prevent you from overspending.

    If you face this problem of overspending then there is a very simple step that you can follow and it will hopefully prevent you from any financial difficulty and also will help you to have a better relationship in the family, and that is before you buy anything that you believe is something you need then allow yourself at least  two weeks and during this time decide was it just a want or a need.